Free Workshop: Psychological Safety, what is it all about?

How to build habits to boost Psychological Safety, well-being & team performance - The 23rd of September

In today’s work environment, we must meet all sorts of expectations and deadlines, be constantly ahead of the game, excel in leadership, continually learn, and at the same time be innovative, and agile. And if you don’t have an environment where people feel safe to; be themselves, share their opinions, disagree with each other, and take risks, it’s very hard to achieve any of those things. That’s what Psychological Safety is all about.

In 2013, Google started Project Aristotle to find what sets high-performing teams apart from others, interviewing over 180 teams with 3-50 team members. The best performing teams all had high standards in terms of Psychological Safety. And in teams where Psychological Safety is low, people are afraid, hold back and avoid taking risks.

In environments where we aim at high performance and where we can be ourselves at the same time, we become agile, creative, and innovative. And most importantly, we can excel in cognitive flexibility – which is one of the competencies required to stay relevant to the current and future leadership challenges.

When: The 23rd of September 2021 at 12.00 CEST.

During this interactive workshop we will explore:

  • You will learn about the Psychological Safety (PS) phenomenon and the connection between PS, well-being, and team performance
  • You will get insights into concrete examples of fearless and anxious organizations;
  • You will learn about new habits that could help organizations in establishing PS in their working environments.

Workshop structure:

30 minutes of theory and input plus 30 min of experimenting, and discussions in small groups.

This workshop is for:

  • People working in teams
  • HR & People managers
  • Team & Company leaders

We look forward to a fun, insightful, and interactive session together with you!

P.S - Bring a pen & paper as we will be doing some simple interactive exercises during the session. 

Alexandra Philipona is an international Professional Certified Coach who supports people in their personal growth; to become authentic leaders who are living a fulfilled life. Learn more about Alexandra here.

And you can learn more about Olof here.

How to build habits to boost Psychological Safety, well-being & team performance within your teams and organization?